A single source of truth for all your client data

Osprey’s fully integrated legal client relationship management (CRM) system provides a single source of truth for all your client and prospect data. Identify opportunities, build strong client relationships and spot trends with a legal CRM solution.

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Legal Client Relationship Management Software for UK Law Firms

Client relationship management software centralises all your contact data, communication history, previous case files and enquiry details in one platform so you can run a more efficient firm. Maximise your marketing and sales efforts with a CRM that helps you identify opportunities and build longer lasting relationships.  

Improve client management using a legal CRM system

Track your business contacts, referrers, clients and prospects in one centralised database which provides valuable insights that empower your team to work smarter.

Our centralised database is GDPR and SRA compliant which means your customers’ data is secure. Everyone within your firm will have access to accurate and relevant client information so you can be confident everyone is working from a single source of truth.

With access to all your contact data, history and interactions in one place, you’ll never miss an opportunity to win new clients. Legal client management software enables your firm to improve operational efficiencies that free you up to focus on business development and client service.

Gain valuable insights

Data powers businesses and with Osprey, your data is digital and centralised allowing you to gain valuable insights into your client behaviour and overall performance.

Fully integrated into all other areas of the case management solution, you can run reports that help you to fully understand your business, putting you in control of taking it forward. Gain visibility on your marketing and sales performance to drive business, spot trends with your clients to help improve client service and understand your productivity and efficiency levels to improve profitability.

Firm-wide reports

Analyse your clients, spot trends and report on your performance to celebrate success and tackle problems. Our legal client management software allows you to create reports to give you the visibility you need of your firm to stay in control.

Our BI reports remove the complexity of gathering data about your firm. With access to a variety of company-wide reports, you have an instant overview of your firm in a click of a button. They use a combination of real-time data and historic data to create a dashboard that makes predicting customer behaviour easier.

Reporting firm-wide means you get a better understanding and knowledge of your business allowing you to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Our powerful business intelligence reports gathers a comprehensive 360° view of your business and your clients that will support your management team to make data-based decisions.

Key Legal CRM Software Features

Client history

View all your clients’ key information, previous communications, and matter history in one place.

GDPR compliant

Osprey has GPDR data redact and retention policy features that ensure your always complaint.

Conflict checks

Easily run conflict of interest checks that cross references your entire database before onboarding new clients.

Customisable data fields

Collect every detail your firm needs to process clients using the customisable data fields.

Client portal

Fully integrated, the Osprey client portal syncs data to and from the client portal so you can easily update, share and edit information.

Manage prospects

Handle all enquiries, quotes and onboarding with Osprey and centralise the data and history in the CRM.

How to exceed client expectations and the tools you need to succeed

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a legal CRM software?

    Legal client relationship management (CRM) software helps law firms manage prospective and existing clients. The solution tracks all contact data, communication and case history details to enable legal professionals to keep track of a clients journey. Importantly, it enables firms to manage client intake processes to aid business development. A CRM enables you to identify new business opportunities and spot trends with your clients so you can increase conversion rates and provide better service.

  • How many contacts can I store in the Osprey legal CRM?

    Osprey’s legal CRM software is cloud-based and has unlimited storage so you can store as many contacts as you need within Osprey.

  • Is my client’s data secure in Osprey?

    Yes, all data and documents stored in Osprey is securely stored in the cloud. Our data centres follow industry-standard best practices to ensure Osprey is protected. Find out more about the data security of Osprey.

  • Why should my law firm use a CRM?

    A legal CRM system centralises all your client data and provides a single source of truth for all members of the firm. This ensures accuracy and relevancy of the data and avoids duplication of data entry. A CRM also assists with new client intake and business development which, depending on the size of your firm, could be many people’s responsibility to manage so having a centralised platform will streamline and standardise processes to improve efficiencies. A law firm would also benefit from the data-driven insight you can gleam from a CRM system that can help you spot trends and identify opportunities.

  • Is the Osprey legal CRM GDPR compliant?

    Osprey provides law firms with the features and functionality needed to stay GDPR complaint. The Osprey CRM enables firms to set document retention periods, easily deleting documents, and complete data subject access requests or requests for data erasure.

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The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management so you can run an effective and profitable firm.

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